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Karen Reeves, director, Moorfields’ vanguard programme

When we embarked on our toolkit journey we did not really have a firm idea of what it would look like at the end. We became known as the ‘different vanguard’ because we were developing a toolkit for the wider NHS to use based on our existing networked care model experience. Our toolkit is, in itself, an evaluation of networked care.

Once we started to research and collaborate, it became clear it would be a very iterative process as we were led in different directions by what we learned and needed to build on. This complex path provided a rich knowledge base and the codifying of this learning is the toolkit you are now reading. It is primarily aimed at those considering a networked care solution but it could also be used by anyone reviewing or developing a clinical service.

At the outset I was keen to ensure that our small team could operate within a culture of openness and sharing; all ideas were welcomed and valued. Team members have been supported in their development and benefited from being part of a small team. Their enthusiasm for the programme has been invaluable.

“Through being part of the vanguard team, I have received outstanding mentoring which has enabled me to think outside the box, gain further insight and given me the opportunity to take the lead for some of the work I have been involved in.”
Clerical officer, band 2


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The Moorfields team and collaborators