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Skill mix

As a network grows a significant challenge can be having enough people to support all the specialties that develop. Investment in training and development is key.

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  • Recruiters must ensure that potential staff have the right attitudes and skills to work at a distance from the centre.Staff and patient
  • Highly skilled staff need the time and support to share their skills with their colleagues.
  • Many advanced skills can be learned and practised by nurses, freeing doctors to focus on other aspects of care.
  • Allow people to develop services where their passions lie but make sure the offer overall is balanced.
  • Make sure staffing needs, including administrative support, are considered at the initial planning stage.
  • Sometimes the centre needs to allow local flexibility, for instance around recruitment processes or some aspects of mandatory training.

“The consultant might want to provide a particular service but are the patients’ needs coming first?”

“When the consultant left, the service stopped and now the patients have to travel much further.”

“Staff who work in different places need to feel there is one place that is their ‘professional home’.”

“We all need to know what the rules are but sometimes we need to make sensible alterations to attract the right local staff.”