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Regular training is essential and can be delivered at different places and in different ways across the network.

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  • A central learning and development resource is seen as very powerful, as is having a local site team to teach and Training graphicrecord competencies.
  • If travel is necessary, ensure as many training items are delivered during the session as possible.
  • Peer-to-peer training is very valuable, providing learning for trainee and trainer and promoting consistency.
  • Some training is best delivered by the host trust because of local variation, such as fire and resuscitation modules. This promotes links between partners.
  • There are many distance learning tools and resources which can be exploited to increase access to training.

“Best practice is to have a recognised model of development rather than people just picking the study days they fancy.”

“When investment is made in training staff to a high level, it is important to give them appropriate autonomy to build their confidence and find solutions.”

“Having access to support, education and expertise are all benefits of being part of a network.”