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Critical success factors

Within the network, key factors include:

  • senior leadership frequently visible at all sites.
  • relevant, timely communications with feedback mechanisms.
  • knowing when technology can help and when face to face is needed.
  • rapid responses by central decision-makers to messages from all sites.
  • support for site leaders.
  • understanding why some decisions are made at the centre and where there is local autonomy.
  • ensuring all staff check provider email regularly, acknowledge receipt and/or action it reliably.

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“When the exec team meets on our site we can explain a lot of our issues and suggested solutions and things happen much faster.”

“Skype is great but sometimes you need to be in the room to be properly part of the conversation.”

“Often messages from the centre aren’t relevant to us and we sometimes feel the centre doesn’t really understand what our site does.”

Externally, it is essential to publicise any new site and make the right new relationships so that:

  • patients know how to access the service.
  • local people understand the purpose of the new arrangement.
  • commissioners understand what the funding is being used for.
  • the regulators can assess it appropriately.

The communications framework below can be used to publicise the new site or adapted to other situations where you need to liaise with external audiences.

Comms-CSF image