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One of the benefits of a networked care model is an increased workforce and access to greater learning. However as you extend your organisation and many people are based away from the centre it can be a challenge to work out how they participate in major decision making. It is important to prevent feelings of isolation, especially if the distances between the centre and sites are long.

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Internet-based technology has some answers; so does the right suite of meetings in the right place:

  • Central governance meetings should always include representatives from sites other than the centre and should be held at different networked sites.
  • A forum for senior clinicians, managers and nurses to receive and send out quality and safety information and learning from across the network is invaluable.
  • A weekly serious incident panel with senior multidisciplinary staff can respond swiftly when required.
  • Clinical governance half-days led by a committed consultant, governance or audit lead for all staff within a service or site are effective channels for sharing learning.
  • Dedicated meetings for specific clinical areas across sites, such as outpatients and theatres, help to ensure consistency and learning.

Meetings image“We talk about the issues in staff meetings and often the small things are the best to address and the most telling.”

“We’ve had to work at joining up central and local meetings in order to share learning. Before, clinical governance meetings and service meetings were led centrally, site-based ones were just that and there was no shared learning.”

“At clinical governance meetings nurses and admin staff need to feel properly included or they won’t benefit from the learning.“