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IT considerations

Critical success factors

Modern, robust IT systems designed in partnership with host organisations and backed up with testing and recovery plans are crucial to success. You will need:

  • the ability to share patient data quickly and easily – may require investment.
  • involvement of all relevant parties from the outset, particularly host site IT teams.
  • increased use of electronic records instead of paper.
  • communication tools to reduce travel time.
  • robust SLAs between organisations, regularly monitored.
  • sufficient testing and support during implementation and go-live.
  • improved technology resilience in combination with enhanced business continuity planning and disaster recovery procedures.
  • robust performance management and capacity planning of systems and services supporting all networked sites.

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“The desire for greater efficiency is now focused on ‘connect all rather than replace all’, ie the reuse and joining up of services rather than their replacement with a new set of national (spine) services.”

“Some networks have been able to use innovative technology to use data to target preventative interventions on high risk patient groups, reducing hospital admissions.”

“Technology allows specialists at our trust to give clinical advice to GPs without them needing to refer the patient to us.”

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