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Moorfields' network today

Models within our network

Moorfields’ network comprises:

  • City Road: providing comprehensive general and specialist outpatient, diagnostic and surgical services for the local population and for those from further afield who require more specialist treatments. There is a 24-hour A&E for urgent eye problems. Services are delivered from the main hospital, children’s centre and private facilities. Our research partners are at the co-located UCL Institute of Ophthalmology.
  • Moorfields eye centres (five district hubs): co-located with general hospital services, providing comprehensive outpatient and diagnostic care as well as more complex eye surgery; will increasingly serve as local centres for eye research and multidisciplinary ophthalmic education.
  • Moorfields eye unit (six local surgical centres): providing more complex outpatient and diagnostic services alongside day-case surgery.
  • Moorfields community eye clinic (15 community-based outpatient clinics): these clinics focus predominantly on outpatient and diagnostic services in community-based locations.
  • Moorfields partnerships (five partnerships and networks): offering medical and professional support to, and joint working with, eye services managed by other organisations. We also provide clinical leadership to diabetic retinopathy screening services and to networks across London dealing with retinopathy in premature babies.

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In all models apart from the partnerships, a key feature of our networked care is the overarching governance. This means we own the activity, employ the staff, buy and/or maintain the equipment and pay the host trust or landlord for the space. The only exception is Bedford where the host trust is directly commissioned to deliver the service. Several of our early networked sites were initially on this sub-contracted basis but soon moved to the full ownership model which has given Moorfields the best provider accountability.

At the eye centre hubs we have both lease/licence arrangements for space occupancy and SLAs which cover any mutual clinical support (such as anaesthetic cover to Moorfields; ward visits to host trust).

The eye units have a lease/licence arrangement with the landlord with no clinical service interdependency. These are community hospitals where only low risk surgery is carried out and any anaesthetist cover is provided by Moorfields.

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At the community eye clinics we provide only outpatient services and these range from single-handed orthoptist children’s clinics to five or six weekly clinics for a range of eye conditions.

We provide private eye services at the City Road campus, Upper Wimpole Street and at Purley and Bedford hospitals.

We also have three private ophthalmology health services in the Arab Emirates in Dubai (two) and Abu Dhabi. Our latest networked service is at the Al Jalila Children’s Specialty Hospital, Dubai.

In Dubai we own and run an outpatient and day surgery centre, renting space in Dubai Healthcare City. The facility at Al Jalila is housed with other outpatient services in a new hospital.

In Abu Dhabi we have a commercial partnership with United Emirates Medical Services (UEMS); we provide and have full control of the medical services, equipment and space but the administration is provided by UEMS.