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Our City Road site includes a comprehensive range of adult services, a children’s centre and private facilities. There are more than 30 other sites designated according to the services they provide.

  • We have sites located in 17 CCG localities but we also have patients choosing Moorfields and attending City Road and our other networked sites from around 80 other CCG localities.Image graphic
  • In 2015/16 we treated 542,479 outpatients and 38,620 inpatients (mainly day case surgery) across our networked sites.
  • This accounted for 7.4% and 5.3% respectively of all NHS England hospital-reported ophthalmology activity.
  • All our main competitors are large NHS trusts. The next largest ophthalmology provider treated 203,445 outpatients and 27,347 inpatients in 2015/16. This accounted for 2.8% and 3.7% respectively of all NHS England hospital reported ophthalmology activity.

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  • This activity includes Bedford where the activity is directly commissioned and reported by Bedford Hospital but the care and treatment is provided by Moorfields.
  • We do not record activity seen at sites where we provide clinical staff to other trusts or providers.
  • These statistics are taken from hospital episode statistics
    (NHS Digital) and do not include any ophthalmology services provided by other smaller community-based service providers.

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