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Why single specialty networked care?

Case study 4: The Walton Centre, Liverpool

The Walton Centre, formerly known as the Walton Centre for Neurology and Neurosurgery, is a major neurology hospital in Fazakerley, a suburb of Liverpool. Established for 25 years, it is one of the country’s leading specialist centres for neurology and the UK’s only dedicated neuroscience provider.

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The Walton Centre developed its networked care model in response to:Brain graphic

  • a large geographical region needing specialist provision.
  • a national shortage of neurologists, worst per head in Europe.
  • general medical consultants covering neurology as ‘best they could’ in DGHs.

The Walton Centre Neuro Network is a hub and spoke model with the
following features:

  • A central specialist unit sends consultants out to other DGH clinics.
  • Complex patients travel to the centre and all surgery is done there.
  • The trust owns the activity.
  • The trust pays host trusts for space and clinic staff.
  • Neurology nurses attend widely-spread local health centres and GP units and also deliver some nurse-led hospital clinics.
  • Bookings for clinics are administered centrally.
  • 60% activity is performed at the centre, 40% at other sites.