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Why single specialty networked care?

Other networked care models

There is not a ‘one size fits all’ networked care model and Moorfields and other networked providers operate a number of different models. The type of model adopted can be driven by circumstances, everything from a host trust just needing some clinical support to asking another organisation to take over the service entirely.

Best practice should inform the design of any network to ensure it delivers the best patient experience while meeting stakeholders’ needs.

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The following case studies show examples of different networks we have studied in detail. The first two case studies feature networked care models with primary care practioners; the next three focus on hospital models.

Case study 1
Bedford and Hertfordshire: shared care cataract pathway

Case study 2
Austin Friars Eye Treatment Centre, Newport

Case study 3
Royal United Hospitals, BathEye graphic

Case study 4
The Walton Centre, Liverpool

Case study 5
Royal Eye and Ear Hospital, Australia

Case study 6
Central Manchester University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Staff member at work photo