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Improving networked care


The POCF worked with Moorfields’ head of patient experience to engage with teams at the sites involved, delivering several workshops from September to November 2017.

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An experienced co-design practitioner used a mentoring and coaching model to support all the teams to learn the co-design approach and overcome obstacles.  This involved repeated visits to boost training in short bursts, attending steering groups and meetings of team leaders and providing phone support and additional guidance as needed.

Most of the teams focused on the outpatient setting or on a particular care pathway.  Although not all teams arrived at training with a specific focus for their projects in mind, most decided on their projects soon afterwards.

The training was well received, evidenced through regular participant evaluation feedback.

It was important that people understood why they were attending training and what part they would be expected to play in the co-design process.  Some people attended out of interest but did not intend to get involved in a co-design project.