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Improving networked care

Staff and patients: Improving networked services


During 2016/17 the vanguard team worked with experts in citizen innovation and participation to understand how patients can best be involved in the delivery of networked care in order to improve outcomes. We wanted to understand how best to involve patients and service users in helping to ensure that a network remains resilient and responsive to the needs of patients and their carers. We came to understand that this needed to be by staff and patients designing services together.

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In 2017/18 we have been working with the Point of Care Foundation (POCF) to understand the best methods and tools which can be used to embed staff and patient co-design of services across a single specialty network. 

staff and patients- improving networked services imageThe POCF is an independent charity with a mission to humanise healthcare by making radical improvements in the way we care and are cared for. The POCF delivers this mission by providing evidence and resources to support health and care staff in caring for patients. It works to improve patients’ experience of care and increase support for the staff who work with them. It delivers support to NHS and other organisations in the UK and abroad, to implement patient-centred approaches to improving the quality of health and care, focusing particularly on patients’ experience of care.