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Spreading best practice

Clarify the aims and develop the message

The NOA has a very clear purpose to “create a powerful voice which can negotiate locally and nationally for the benefit of orthopaedic commissioning and resourcing and which champions the specialty”. This purpose has been adopted by the ophthalmology alliance and its principles exemplify the benefits of being part of an alliance model:

  • One voice.
  • Power in numbers.
  • Forum for networking and learning.
  • Join expertise of clinicians with managers, trust and national agency leaders, all professionals, patients and commissioners among others.
  • Establish widely-accepted quality standards and best practice or efficiency pathways.
  • Provide or support web portals with activity and financial and quality data, allowing benchmarking to drive up standards.
  • Provide buddying, support and mentoring.
  • Lobbying and negotiation.