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The aim of any alliance will be to share governance between its members but in the early stages there has to be a core group driving the initiative. 

It is very important that this is clinically led but has strong management support as well. Considerations include:

  • Dual leadership is preferable; identifying senior clinical and managerial leadership accelerates implementation.
  • The clinical lead must be a recognised speciality expert and/or work at a unit which is a recognised centre of excellence.
  • Involving individuals who hold national positions of influence with professional colleges, regulators and commissioners will help to inform and influence the formation of an alliance. These individuals can also offer insight which helps to join up work across different organisations. This was key to establishing the UKOA.
  • A dedicated project manager is needed to support the leads – this may be part-time or shared but the manager will need protected time to manage the administration. One day a week worked flexibly was successful for the UKOA, with some ad hoc additional hours when needed.