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Why was ophthalmology chosen to replicate the NOA model?

A key driver for all vanguards was to create replicable blueprints that could be rolled out quickly elsewhere in the NHS. The NOA programme was funded on the basis that its alliance model could be replicated across other, non-orthopaedic, specialties.

As single specialty vanguards, Moorfields and the NOA had already developed a relationship through the national vanguard programme. Moorfields also has close relationships with other key national eye care bodies and several of our clinical staff are in leadership roles nationally within the standards, efficiency and commissioning arenas, including GIRFT.

The vanguard clinical lead, Melanie Hingorani, was clinical director for quality and safety at Moorfields for a number of years and, at the time of this publication, is chair of professional standards for the Royal College of Ophthalmologists.

These factors were instrumental in ophthalmology being identified as a specialty likely to be able to replicate the NOA model in year two of Moorfields’ vanguard programme.

It was therefore agreed that an ophthalmology alliance would be developed as part of the NOA vanguard programme in 2017/18, but driven clinically by the Moorfields programme team.