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Quality and safety

Reporting and investigating incidents

Safety and quality are enhanced in a networked care model because a multisite organisation can offer a whole range of expertise and resources for investigating incidents and other adverse events.

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  • All staff should be trained in incident reporting and required to immediately report incidents which did harm or could have resulted in harm, including ‘near misses’. Details of how to report them will be enshrined in the trust’s incident reporting policy.
  • Staff from other sites can be used as semi-external investigators, many of them with sub-specialty expertise.
  • Host organisations can provide external objectivity and wider expertise.
  • There must be a system for jointly investigating with the host site where appropriate, particularly where there is a significant element of host trust involvement because of, for example, the environment, staff or processes.
  • Establish early on staff who will be responsible for sharing safety information and communicating about incidents and investigation plans.Investigating incidents graphic