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5 courage to challenge posters

A guide to team briefing

About new care model vanguards

Clinical governance framework

Communications framework: new networked site

Dartford & Gravesham NHST SLA draft

Dartford & Gravesham NHST SLA process


Map: Moorfields’ network England

Map: Moorfields’ network UAE

Moorfields’ network: history timeline

Moorfields’ network: site structure January 2017

Moorfields’ network: site structure March 2018

Metrics: colorectal

Metrics: generic

Metrics: neurology/neurosurgery

Metrics: ophthalmology

Metrics: orthopaedics

Metrics: quality sharing

Report: health needs market assessment

Report: IT considerations and checklist

Report: patient participation (small)

Report: patient participation (with films – you need Adobe Acrobat Reader and Adobe Flash Player for best experience)

Report: board-level enquiry – existing networked care providers

Report: board-level enquiry – non-networked care providers

Scaling up single specialty networked care: A strategic overview

Spreading best practice: UK Ophthalmology Alliance

Staff and patients: Improving networked care

Template 1: host trust internal review

Template 2: scoring

Template 3a: detailed review information (Excel)

Template 3b: detailed review information (Word)

Template 4: review agreement

Template 5: review visit methodology

Template 6: review visit report framework

Template 7a: planning and mobilisation checklist (Excel)

Template 7b: planning and mobilisation checklist (Word)

Template 8: business case framework

Template 9: partnership programme plan

Test your knowledge tool

The Moorfields Way

The Point of Care Foundation – Our impact: The Sweeney Programme

Interactive PDF toolkit (small)

Interactive PDF toolkit (with films – you need Adobe Acrobat Reader and Adobe Flash Player for best experience)

Workshop: graphic illustration